What is IBOTP?
IBOTP is a communication platform between your pharmacy software and our software. This allows you to enter your order via your usual software and it will automatically arrive at us and it can be processed even faster.
This means that no order has to be typed or entered and this is the simplest way of ordering with minimal risk of errors.
Can any pharmacy order through IBOTP?
Yes, IBOTP is the same protocol as the communication with your wholesaler. You only need to select us as supplier and order the products from us. It may be necessary to link the products to us. The right supplier is FSA Chemicals (part of Magis Pharma). You can order the products of FSA, Fraver, Pannoc and Magis Pharma. If we do not recognize a product, we will contact you.
Start up IBOTP:

  • Open your usual pharmacy software
  • Go to suppliers and choose FSA Chemicals (part of Magis Pharma)
  • On the page of this supplier you should go to the tab or window that has to do with 'IBOTP' or 'Order via Internet'.
    • You must enter our server details here.
    • In various software programs you should check that you prefer to order via IBOTP or the internet.
  • You must fill in the following information:
  • You can place your first order with us as you would with your wholesaler. Should problems arise, do not hesitate to contact us. With a first order, it is recommended to verify with your representative whether this first order went well.

Do you have problems with this procedure? Do not hesitate to contact your representative via 'CONTACT' so that we can visit your pharmacy to help you with the settings.