Liquifine® pH4 Orange 500 mL: 4225-637

Liquifine® pH4 Cherry 500 mL: 4491-650

Liquifine® Alkalic dry 40 g: 4324-471

Liquifine® Alkalic dry 6.3 g (pre-filled flasks): 4324-463


>30% cheaper than similar alternatives!

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What is Liquifine®?

Liquifine® is a ready-to-use dispersion medium based on modified food starch. It allows to compound pharmaceutical actives in an easy manner into high quality suspensions.

Liquifine® is available in 2 forms:

Liquifine® pH4 Liquid 500 mL 

Processing of acid stable active substances (i.e. most of the active substances)

Processing of acid sensitive active substances (i.e. omeprazole en furosemide); therefore a standardized quantity of sodium bicarbonate should be added

Liquifine® Alkalic dry 40 g 
Liquifine® Alkalic dry 6.3 g (pre-filled bottles)

Processing of acid sensitive active substances (i.e. omeprazole en furosemide)


Why should I use Liquifine®?

Liquifine makes it possible to produce high quality suspensions in an easy manner:

  • Processing of components with poor water solubility
  • Extra dosage possibilities 
  • Avoid swallowing difficulties
  • Avoid excipients in tablets and other dosage forms 

Free from potential irritating and harmful substances

Suitable for pediatric and geriatric patients


Liquifine® benefits:


Production and analysis following pharmaceutical standards

Extensive compatibility (non-reactive)

Excellent flow properties:

Pseudo-plastic: the viscosity decreases while 
- stirring, which promotes the homogeneous dispersion of the active ingredient
- shaking, which promotes the accurate dosing by the patient

Thixotropic: the viscosity increases again after agitation, which prevents the sedimentation of the active ingredient

Pleasant taste:

Liquifine® pH4 Liquid 500 mL: orange & cherry flavour + sucralose

Liquifine® Alkalic dry: sucralose

Preparation instructions and stability data available for the most frequent used active substances (in cooperation with Belgian Universities)


How to use Liquifine®?

Before you start the production, you have to check the compatibility of your active ingredient with Liquifine®. The compatibility table on the 'Recipe Helpdesk' can help you with this decision. You can also find detailed preparation instructions and production protocols on the 'Recipe Helpdesk'.

For the processing of acid stable active ingredients, Liquifine® pH4 Liquid 500 mL is suited.

For the processing of acid sensitive active ingredients, Liquifine® pH4 Liquid 500 mL (+ standardized quantity NaHCO3) as well as Liquifine® Alkalic dry can be used.

The properties of both products are shown in the table below.

Liquifine® pH4 Liquid

Liquifine® Alkalic dry
(powder for reconstitution)

Contains preservative
-> longer shelf-life

Use as such

Higher viscosity in comparison
with the powder for reconstitution

Preservative free


Handy container
(i.e. pre-filled bottles)

Comparison of Liquifine® with other dispersion media:

Liquifine® is not the only dispersion medium on the market; but it is one of the best

Liquifine® in comparison with the classic suspension vehicles (carmellose, xanthan gum, guar..):

  • Simpler use (no heating required)
  • Consistent quality
  • Non-reactive
  • Better flow properties

Liquifine® in comparison with other dispersion media based on modified food starch:

  • Similar flow properties
  • Up to 30% cheaper!