Raw materials for the pharmacy

Magis Pharma has an extensive range of raw materials available for the hospital pharmacy. We aim to be the strongest hospital partner by means of special hospital conditions. Within the range, which is expanded every month, we offer various raw materials as the sole Belgian supplier. The focus lies on packaging specially developed for optimum use, and extra information on the labels. Our own production in Belgium, developed by those who make the preparations, ensures perfect compliance with Belgian legislation. Furthermore we are the only ones in the market to hold licenses for quite a number of raw materials.

man maakt farmaceutische bereiding


Magis Pharma offers hospitals a wide range of antiseptics. Our specially adapted production site in Kontich is under pharmaceutical conditions, and makes Magis Pharma the ideal partner in the production and distribution of these products. You will also find pharmaceutical ethanol and biocides within the range. Ethanol, isopropanol, and chlorhexidine based products are also available. These can be supplied in large and small packs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out which product best suits your needs.

Rare diseases and resources?

Need to find special, rare raw materials for an unusual, complex preparation? Magis Pharma has a wide range of international partners and can find the ideal supplier at short notice. Contact us with details of the required product and the quantity needed and you will receive a quote within a few days.