Raw materials in small packs

Magis Pharma offers a wide range of pharmaceutical raw materials. These raw materials are packed and analysed under GMP conditions. All of our suppliers go through a comprehensive quality control process. This means you can be sure of the quality of the raw materials that can be supplied from stock in small quantities. 


Bulk raw materials

Alongside our standard range of raw materials, Magis Pharma also has various agreements with other raw material partners. We can therefore supply over 5,000 ingredients on request. Looking for a specific ingredient? Don’t hesitate to get in touch: both rare raw materials and current products can be supplied with the requested quality documentation and certificates.


Contract manufacturing Organization 

Magis Pharma has its own product site for replenishing liquids and flammable raw materials under pharmaceutical conditions in Kontich. Specially adapted production areas and replenishment systems enable us to offer competitive prices for bulky and hazardous raw materials. This also means that we can fulfil pharmaceutical conditions. The production site in Kontich, Fraver, has specialised in flammable products and has been active as a perfumery since the 1970s. Later, the site was developed into a pharmaceutical producer of isopropanol, ethanol, ether, and other liquids. Various businesses have their pharmaceutical products made with combustible ingredients manufactured in Kontich.

The product site in Brecht is the most recent and specialises in in the handling of pharmaceutical powders (API, including hormones, and excipients). These areas are also available to external parties for sampling and reconditioning. The analysis lab enables various quality control processes to be conducted.